Things You Should Know When Decide To Hire A Professional Hardwood Flooring Services

Old and damaged hardwood floor make your house look terrible and dismal? You can’t decide whether to salvage your floor or just replace it and you are going to hire a professional hardwood flooring services? Read on, you will find the right solution in this article.


The cost of replacing hardwood floor makes many homeowners deliberate in making decision for their floor. You can save significantly by choosing to repair hardwood floor if it isn’t seriously damaged.

  • Some damages are fixable as long as most of the wood floor is in good shape.

The stains and scratches on the coat can completely be sanded and cleaned. And having your hardwood floor refinished is not only useful for later maintenance but also makes the floor looks like a new one.

professional hardwood flooring services

  • Plank damaged by termites and insects can be replaced individually if there aren’t too many.

A plunge saw with vacuum attachment will be the right equipment for cutting the plank out, then you can use radial arm saw or chop saw to cut new planks. When placing new planks, construction adhesive will be a better candidate than wood or carpenter’s glue as it allows your wood floor to expand and contract.

  • Squeaky old hardwood floor can be silenced by tightening with nails or dry lubricant.

Small holes can be filled and damaged sections on the floor can be patched. The patch will match the cut, color, and stain of the floor so you do not have to worry that they will not fit in your floor overall.

  • Meanwhile, if your hardwood floor is too old with many heavy damages, trying to salvage it is time-consuming.

Some old floors are beyond repair. It may be possible to replace some individual water damaged boards. However, damage comes from flood often goes deep down to the wood itself and your floor will need extensive structural repairs.

professional hardwood flooring services

  • Floor with significant structural problems is also not a good candidate for refinishing and repairing.

A floor has extreme movement between boards can’t be renewed because the movement will impact the sanding and finishing.

  • On the other hand, if the floor is severely damaged in structure, you will need to move the flooring out to fix the subfloor. Replacement is also required if it is impossible to clear the mold on your floor with fungicide.
  • In some cases, your hardwood floor looks like it isn’t suffering any serious problems but it isn’t able to be refinished again. If the floor has experienced too many refinishes or it is not thick enough, sanding can even make it worse.


Depend on the extent of damage, you can choose between replacing and repair floors. DIY may be less costly but it will be a complex job that requires knowledge and experience. In case you decide to hire a pro, Tony floor will be the best for you.

professional hardwood flooring services

Consists of experienced experts, Tony floor is equipped to give you the best advices and treatment for your floor. They provide professional hardwood flooring services that give your floor a new look and feeling.

All aspect of the process will be done carefully and properly by the professional and dedicated staffs of Tony floor!

A beautiful wood floor has a great influence on the appearance and atmosphere of your living space. If your floor shows signs of damage and deterioration, consider repairing or replacing it to maintain its beauty and durability.