Tips To Find The Professional Hardwood Flooring Services Near You

One of the great things about hardwood floor is that even it has scratches and stains after a long time using, you can make it look new again by sanding. A hardwood floor improvement project can be a mess if you are a newbie in DIY job. In that case, have your floor sanded by a professional hardwood flooring services will be a better choice.


Although hardwood flooring is very durable, being damaged during use is inevitable. Unfortunately, some damages can’t be fixed quickly without leaving a trace, such as pet urine stains and deep scratches.

In that case, you need to sand your hardwood floor down to remove all the ugly marks and bring the floor back to its beauty.

professional hardwood flooring services

With a small size and fewer scratches hardwood floor, the sanding can be done by hand with sandpaper and other simple equipment that you can rent or find in a hardware store.

  • The room is large and the wood floor is full of deep scratches and stain

Yet, if your room is large and the wood floor is full of deep scratches and stain, getting the entire floor sanded and refinished is sometimes less costly and time-consuming.

The sanding often goes in pair with refinishing as the wood floor will need a new coat after being worn through by sanding. Sometimes, it depends on the customers’ preferences. Some will love their hardwood floor always look brand new while the other prefers maintaining the look of character and age of their floor.

On average, most customers will sand & refinish their floors every 10 years or potentially sooner.

professional hardwood flooring services

  • Before sanding and renewing hardwood floor

Make sure that you know exactly what type it is, solid-wood floor or engineered-wood floor. This is important because it impacts the number of times your floor can be refinished. Engineered floor can take only one or twice time completely sanded before the wood veneer becomes too thin. Solid boards can sustain more refinishes, about 6 to 7 times during its lifetime.

  • Note when sanding hardwood floor

It is a dirty and noisy job. If you moving into a new house and consider sanding and refinishing the floor, do it before you move in. On the other hand, if you want to upgrade your house with renewing your hardwood floor, make sure the floor is sanded without children or pets at home and all the furniture moved out.


There are many reasons and benefits when hiring a contractor.

  • A pro is equipped to give you wise advices base on your hardwood floor condition.

In case you just move to a new house and want to have your floor refinished, they take a look and tell you how many times the floored renew as well as whether you should sand it down or not.

  • They have experience in their work

If you are a newbie in DIY, you might make some mistakes and have to spend more time and money solving them. Contractors have experience in their work and they have the right tools and know how to estimate the required time, as well as have a fixed price list of services. You will only need to pay the price of the deal with them before.

Tony floor is the professional hardwood flooring services provider you need that can meet the above criteria. They consist of professional and dedicated experts with modern equipment and expert technique that will definitely make you very satisfied with the services.

During its lifetime, a hardwood floor needs to be sanded to preserve its beauty and durability. To avoid turning your wood floor into a hard-to-fix mess, call for a sanding hardwood flooring service. It may cost more, but it’s worth it.