Solid hardwood floor vs Engineered hardwood floor: An in-depth analysis of pros and cons

Are you in the middle of nowhere when choosing which types of hardwood floor is suitable for your house? Worries no more, Tony Floor is always willing to help!

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Solid hardwood floor and Engineered hardwood floor can be totally distinguished from the other types of floor such as laminate or vinyl ones, as their names show all! They are the best covers for the living room, dining room or hallway – which are normally considered crowded places in a house – due to a fact that they are considerably hard and durable, even when your house is full of toddlers, guests or pets wandering or running round.

A perfect hallway covered by a sturdy hardwood floor


Solid hardwood floor is a classic glorious head-to-toe full timber substance kind of floor that is well-noted for its excellent long-term service. What is next? Right after the installation of a such tongue and groove layer, your house is sure to receive an extravagant ambience of luxury and satisfaction.

And congratulations! You are now secured against any flopping steps around your sweet place, by all means, because only solid hardwood floorcould give you this sense of solidity, except for engineered hardwood floor.

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Furnish your house in a much warmer and more secure way


Engineered hardwood floor is a product of the technological modernization process: it appears sort of similar to solid hardwood floor on top with a sturdy oak cover, though there are more thinner timber or even ‘’soft wood’’ layers adhered together underneath.

The awe has not there yet: engineered hardwood floor is even more amazing that it can be installed above or below any kinds of sub-floors or on any other unstable textures. Not only is it wonderful when it comes to the durable capacity, engineered hardwood floor is also an incredible type of floor that one can easily install in his home using some prefinished materials.

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Different layers of the engineered hardwood floor can be attached together


Are you getting more confused after reading all the stuff above? Just relax, because depending on where you want to install hardwood floor for your house, you can either choose solid hardwood floor or engineered hardwood floor without shaping more wrinkles.

As for solid hardwood floor, a place with a low rate of moisture is too perfect to be true, such as: your living room, bedroom, dining room, etc. This type of floor is considered as indestructible and durable, no matter how hard the pressure you are going to push, it remains the same as the day it got installed. Moreover, solid hardwood floor can be refinished many times for a more shining look after years of service. Sounds great, isn’t it?

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Calculation and consideration should be carefully adapted when choosing the type of hardwood floor

Engineered hardwood floor is much more adaptable to moisture environment, so it can be installed to your basement or kitchen. However, bathroom is not recommended! It is too much sprays for any types of hardwood floor.

Prices are quite the same for both of these types so there is not much argument here. Still, if you are keen on settling things on yourself, then an engineered hardwood floor must be a fun thing! No more workforce fees, no more tiring thoughts!

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A whole new world to install hardwood floor for DIY lovers

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