Clean, Protect And Maintain Your Hardwood Floor. Do’s And Don’ts

Hardwood floor makes a spectacular look to any home. It is also one of the largest investments in your home, so why not make sure that you have the right care to protect your investment? Let’s follow a shortlist of key dos and don’ts to maintain your hardwood flooring.

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Hardwood floor – the best choice for your beautiful house. How to maintain the new look for your hardwood floor?


  • Use light water and Pine-Sol to clean your hardwood flooring regularly.

Pine-Sol is a perfect cleaner to disinfect your hardwood flooring at the same time. It’s important to thin it down with water as instructed and wring your mop so that it is not saturated in water. You could also use a vacuum cleaner or dry mops to remove dirt while cleaning.

  • Cut the pet’s nails to keep your hardwood floor at its best.

The high ability to get scratched is involved in the hardwood flooring cost. So let’s cut the pet’s long nails to prevent. You should also try to implement a “no shoe” policy to keep your hardwood floor in the perfect situation.

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Get window treatments to protect your hardwood flooring without UV light.

  • Treat your hardwood floor without the sun damage.

This is the main reason that causes your hardwood flooring to fade or darkens. Let’s get window treatments for taking the balance of light in each room when using the blinds, curtains, or drapes. Another thing is a special window coating you can use to inhibit UV light. You should also rearrange your furniture to get an even light balance across the room.


  • Do not use products such as Bona Finish, Orange Glo, Mop & Glow, and any product which claims it is a perfect choice and gives your hardwood floor a shine.

Products having oil, wax or polish are never worth the hassle. They can create clearance hardwood flooring which can actually leave them feeling sticky and attract more dirt.

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Clean, protect and maintain your hardwood floor – What should you do?

  • Do not use excessive water or steam on the hardwood floor, if you don’t want to pay money hardwood flooring cost for damage

Excessive water or steam can make the floor dark, in the worst case, the wood may start to warp. Therefore, clothes or mops drenched in water are avoided. You can use mops and cloths when you make sure that they are rung out sufficiently before applying to your floor. Any spills or excessive water should be cleaned up as soon as possible.

  • Do not play with your pets on the clearance hardwood flooring.

Dust and dirt can make scratches on the hardwood flooring. You can place a mat at the home’s entrances to trap as much dirt as possible before coming in the hardwood.

The hardwood floors are a level of value, beauty, and durability, whether for the home or the workplace. That is the reason why you should keep the clearance hardwood flooring and protect it from any damage factors.