Basic Guideline About Refinishing Hardwood Floor

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Hardwood floor is incredibly important as it complements the overall decoration and style of your home. Its appealing beauty, however, doesn’t last forever, your floor can be worn out and scratched or even permanently damaged.
Occasionally, to maintain the timeless beauty of hardwood floor, homeowners need to consider refinishing hardwood floor to protect it from being ruined and therefore preserve the unique value that this type of flooring adds to their homes.

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Step 1: Sanding

This is the process in which you get rid of the old finish, all the damages, stains on your floor’s surface the broken piece of wood, repair it or replace it with a new one. To do so, you need to select the suitable sander among the three most common types: Orbital sander and random-orbit sander.
After choosing the right sander, you will use it to remove the old finish and slide the sander on the floor’s surface, and then use the vacuum to make sure all the debris are gone.

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Step 2: Staining

Although this is an optional step, you still need to consider whether you want to do this or not. It is worth your time and effort since it is likely to deliver the brand new look to your floor. To carry out this process, you can use a rag or sponge to apply the stain from one side of the room and move on until you reach the other side. Don’t forget to wring out the sponge or rag to make sure that all the stain is applied evenly.

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Step 3: The Final Finish

After sanding and staining, you can finally apply a new finish, which will protect your floor from potential damages such as moisture and scratches, then adds a certain amount of shine to your floor. To do so, you need to choose the right type of finish sheen.

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Sheen plays a major role in the process of refinishing hardwood floor, especially when it comes to enhancing the floor’s appearance. There are 3 types of sheens that you will need to consider using, including high gloss, semi-gloss and satin.

High Gloss: Considered as the shiniest sheen, high gloss has its own signature wet look that creates a certain luxurious appearance to the floor. On the other hand, due to high gloss’s relatively high amount of reflection, it doesn’t always deliver the most astonishing result.

Moreover, compared to other types, gloss is much more challenging to maintain its effect because it can’t stop dust, scuffs or scratches from reappearing as time goes by.

Semi-Gloss: Semi-gloss is not as shiny and luxurious as high gloss, but its amount of shine is still enough to complement your floor’s appearance. Plus, it is much easier to maintain and less likely to make dust, scuffs or scratches reappear.

Satin: Satin has been the most popular choice for homeowners who prefer the matte appearance to your floor or want to apply it on site-finish floors. Although Satin has the least amount of shine, it can give your floor a silky and smooth appearance that is undeniably stunning.

Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about scuffs or scratches on the floor’s surface anymore because Satin will make all of them go away. Plus, you will have no problem maintaining this one, thus it takes less effort and money to use it for a long time.

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