What You Should Know Before Refinishing Hardwood Floor?

Hardwood floor is a valuable asset, an added grandeur to your home, or office. Careful as you may be, the timber inevitably shows its age. Hardwood floors installation lose its polish as time goes by; dents, scratches by pet claws or furniture, and discolored spots are becoming more and more noticeable. Thus, informing the owner that the hardwood floors is due for maintenance.

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The great news is you don’t need to reinstall or replace your old hardwood flooring to claim back its shine. Refinishing is a great way to remove the wear and tear of time, to breath a new life to your floor, and to get rid of the annoying damages with an inarguably more reasonable cost. Furthermore, refinishing could be done several times throughout the lifetime of your hardwood floors.


Refinishing could be done many times, but the frequency depends on the hardness rate of each species of timber and the degree of daily usage. The more the floor is in use, the more it is prone to damages by wear and tear. A 3/4″ thick solid floor with good hardness rate could be refinished up to 10 times throughout its lifespan.

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On the other hand, an engineered floor could only undergo certain times of refinishing, but not as many as that of solid hardwood floors installation.  The problem lies within the structure, for engineered hardwood floors are manufactured by binding a core of high-quality plywood to a top, and a bottom layer of hardwood. The top layer (veneer) is a thin slice of wood. Premium veneer could be done several times, while micro-veneer is difficult to be sanded and refinished.

Hardwood floors

Nowadays, technology offers a more durable engineered hardwood that could last longer and withstand more refinishing than previous products. Laminated hardwood floors could not undergo conventional refinishing like solid or engineered hardwood floors because regular sanding would inevitably ruin it. The best way to reclaim the beauty of your laminated floor is to scrape off the remaining factory finish and recoat it.

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The average price for refinishing hardwood floor on the current market falls between $340 to $900 for a 15×15 room (~250 square feet), approximately $1.50 to $4.00 per square foot. There are many factors concerning the cost to refinish hardwood floors.

  • Material cost (total square footage, quality of finish, number of finish required, etc.)
  • Labor cost (carpet or furniture removal, the condition of the floor, quality of the previous refinish, rare species of timber, stairs, etc.)
  • Accessibility

hardwood floor installation

Refinishing hardwood floor is a laborious and time-consuming process, taking up at least three days to be correctly installed. Thus, to avoid any burden that may occur, you should find and consult a credible flooring company to assure no troubles during the refinishing process.

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