Hardwood floor is always a tough subject to talk about, literally and figuratively. The tricky part begins when you decide which type of hardwood flooring to how you would like to install it, such as DIY or by a wooden floor service company.

Yet, after a long span in service, your hardwood floor becomes scratched and or dull, and you have to think about hardwood floor refinishing. Then how and how much does it cost to refinish hardwood floor? Keep reading for more information.

hardwood floor refinishing


If your hardwood floor is full of dust and dirt, you can easily remove them by using mop or vacuum. These household appliances actually help. Repeat cleaning your hardwood floor surface for three or four times a week and there you go, a mirror like shiny hardwood floor is now back.

hardwood floor refinishing

However, things would not be that simple if your hardwood floor has scratches and gaps blamed on heavy steps and traits. At this point, hardwood floor refinishing is suggested to buff out all the flaws just mentioned.


Frankly saying, hardwood floor refinishing does not really difficult as you may think all the time, the processes include:

  • Buffing the floor– For any of the scratches and gaps be invisible; you can use steel wool or a functioned rotary buffing machine.
  • Vacuuming the floor– To get your floor cleared of any dust; who wants a still flawed floor after all the hardwood floor refinishing steps?
  • Applying the coats– You can choose either oil based polyurethane or water based polyurethane, the latter one dries faster but lasts shorter.

hardwood floor refinishing

  • Letting the floor dry and breathe– It usually takes from 5 to 24 hours for each coat to dry, if you want darker stain, it may take even longer.
  • Cleaning for maintenance – After a week or two, you can get your daily cleaning as sweeping and mopping, some kinds of refinish hardwood floor cleanercan be activated as a deep cleaning as well.

hardwood floor refinishing

As stated, it is not the hardwood floor refinishing processes that is very hard to conduct, you are just not aware of how long those processes would take and how stressful things are when you have to remove and bring back all your furniture around the house.

That is why, before your hardwood floor shines again, make sure your house be vacant in a couple of days or you should a hardwood floor refinishingservice to get things done for you while your family is away for holiday.

hardwood floor refinishing

It is recommended to refinish hardwood floor before you move into the house, in order to avoid rearranging household stuff.


Now you may want to know the cost to refinish hardwood floors. If you are gonna get the hardwood floor refinishing processes DIY, please calculate the expense of polyurethane enough for the area, the renting cost for the buffing machine and tools as well material needed while conducting.

hardwood floor refinishing

If your house does not see to have those stuff available, a hardwood floor refinishing service could be a savior to your hardwood floor. Cost to refinish hardwood floors is expected to be anywhere ranging from $3 to $5 per square foot.

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