Hardwood floor is tough, literally and figuratively! Before having hardwood floor installed, a fairly long time to consider what types of hardwood flooring to choose is highly recommended. Below, Tony Flooring is gonna present the 3 most common kinds of wood flooring that you should be familiar with in advance: oak hardwood flooringmaple hardwood flooring, and cherry hardwood flooring.

3 Most Popular Types Of Wood Flooring You Should Know

Choosing the type of your hardwood floor is the first most important step


Oak hardwood flooring is a practical type of wood for any hardwood homeowners-to-be since it is durable – reported to last for over a whole century – and considerably sturdy.

Oak hardwood flooring has 2 variations: red oak and white oak. The names may cause misunderstandings, however, red oak hardwood has a pinkish undertone, which is much lighter in color, whereas white oak hardwood has a yellowish one, which is much darker.

3 Most Popular Types Of Wood Flooring You Should Know

A raw log of oak wood

When stained with the same color, as a result, white oak hardwood floor will display darker pigment than that of red oak hardwood floor. This difference between the two oak wood types decreases as the stain color becomes darker. Nonetheless, white oak hardwood is slightly harder and has much more grains than red oak hardwood, which could create a less noticeable grain pattern than that of the other type.

3 Most Popular Types Of Wood Flooring You Should Know

Oak is firm in every way

On the Janka scale, white oak hardwood is marked as 1360 scores while red oak one is given a score of 1290 so this is not much distinction. Moreover, both of the types are flexible and resistant to moisture or distortion over a long time. This is why oak hardwood flooring becomes the most appealing to the homeowners, yet to realize its affordable cost.


Maple hardwood flooring is a far better choice for customers who want to own a smooth surface of hardwood floor. Maple hardwood is light in color, some describe it as creamy-blond tone which is easily to be stained in different covers depending on the owners’ bias.

3 Most Popular Types Of Wood Flooring You Should Know

Maple hardwood is smooth by looking but sturdy by touching

Still, it is warned that DIY maple hardwood flooring staining is not as easy as the other types of hardwood, so a call to a professional service is a must. Tony Flooring will be right on the way to your house when you are in need of maple hardwood flooring. Contact us now!

3 Most Popular Types Of Wood Flooring You Should Know

Maple leaves turn red in autumn

Based on the Janka scale, maple hardwood flooring is scored 6% harder than that of oak hardwood flooring, marked at 1450 points so this is why maple is used in installation for bowling alleys. Also, maple hardwood flooring is also super durable to the so-called below grade spot basement or to where humidity is high as in the kitchen.


Cherry hardwood flooring is as beautiful as its name suggests. It usually has reddish brown color with golden hue, giving an elegant look as well as a cozy ambience to your house. Cherry hardwood flooring is recognized as “soft” because it is easy to work with, especially when cutting or dealing with its fine texture.

3 Most Popular Types Of Wood Flooring You Should Know

Bricks form a house, a fine cherry hardwood flooring makes it a home

Janka scale shows that though it is not as much sturdy as maple or oak, however, cherry hardwood flooring can still be in service for 70 years or over as its heart is very resistant to decay. Also, cherry hardwood flooring is considered as moderately strong when placed under heavy stuff.

Cherry hardwood flooring really gives you ease of care, whatever the case is, you just need a vacuum and a mop to have the fancy look of your house shined again. Spills can be wiped calmly without leaving any stains left. You want simple housekeeping tasks but soothing steps on shiny vivid hardwood floor? Cherry hardwood flooring can serve you all, ladies and gentlements.

3 Most Popular Types Of Wood Flooring You Should Know

Cleaning is no more a nightmare with cherry hardwood flooring

After all, oak hardwood flooring, maple oak hardwood flooring, and especially cherry hardwood flooring must be protected from direct sunlight or other extreme environment factors cause they all can be faded after being used for a long time.

Nevertheless, Tony Flooring is always on your side to provide you all the solutions to your flooring problems.

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