What You Should Know About Hardwood Floor Installation

Hardwood floor is increasing in its popularity since it can make your house look more luxurious and classical. If you decide to hire an installing hardwood floors service, these are the information you might need to know before getting started.


Hardwood floor is usually installed in the living room, bedroom, kitchen, working room. Whether you are thinking of DIYing or hiring a pro, the first thing you have to consider is the color and type of wood.

The color will affect the aesthetics and style that the floor brings to your home, while the type of wood can have an impact on hardwood floor lifetime and performance.

installing hardwood floors

Different between two kinds of hardwood floor

Many people don’t know which types of wood to choose, solid or engineered.

  • Traditionally, solid hardwood flooring consists of thick planks of solid timber.
  • Engineered flooring, on the other hand, has planks made with a thinner top layer of hardwood. Both solid and engineered floor are available in species, stain, color and style.

Whether you choose to install hardwood floor yourself or hire a pro, you need to prepare for the job. All furniture must be moved out, make sure your old flooring is clearly removed and disposed of. Clean your subfloor and let it dry, repair the damages if necessary to make the surface flat.

installing hardwood floors

Find a professional service to make sure that your floor is installed properly

The installation process will vary depends on the type of hardwood floor you choose. You can find more information in the ones provided with your product. After your floor installed, remove the tape, and wipe off the remaining glue. Then clean your new floor with recommended cleaner for hardwood floor.


One of the things that people consider most carefully when having their floor installed is wood floor installation cost.

With traditional wood flooring, the cost you expect to pay depends on the type of wood you choose:

  • Pine flooring

$3 to $6 per square foot for flooring

$3 to $5 per square foot for installation.

installing hardwood floors

Wood floor installation cost will be varied based on the type of wood

  • Teak, American cherry, and oak:

$5 to $10 per square foot for flooring

$4 to $8 per square foot for installation

  • Expensive wood such as Brazilian walnut, tigerwood, mahogany, and cypress

$8 and $14 per square foot on average for flooring

$4 to $8 per square foot for installation

  • The cost of installing engineered flooring is calculated by adding $ 3 to $ 10 to the cost of the material.

The more of core layers and the thicker the wood veneer, the more expensive the wood flooring.


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installing hardwood floors

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With an attractive and luxurious appearance, hardwood floor adds value and style for your house. If you want to upgrade your house with a new amazing look, hardwood floor installation is your best choice!