Staining Hardwood Floors

If you are wondering whether you should change your hardwood floor colors or not, this is the right place you have visited: we will show you a whole way to refinish hardwood floor, from choosing what colors that suit to your house’s ambiance to when we have it stained perfectly as you want. 
To own and to maintain a good-looking and shiny hardwood floor are never seemed as easy-peasy or effortless tasks. Those processes take time and money, enormous enough to make the most eager-to-change hardwood floors’ owners consider thoroughly before calling the hardwood floor refinishing service!

Getting your hardwood floor refinish by the leading service in town NOW



We are specialised in polishing your hardwood floor!

Depending on the kind of wood floor you are having as well as its conditions, we could offer you a stunning choice of hardwood floor colors. That is, you can save a bunch of money if your hardwood floor is derived from fine maple, pine, or mahogany and it is still in a flawless state – the more natural it is, the better it shines. On the other hand, if you are having a much less dense base such as oak and the floors are full of scratches or gaps, you are recommended to have new sparkling coats for them.

Variety of colors to choose!

Staining hardwood floor can immediately change your house appearance and allow you to have more choices of lighter-colored decorations. Imagine how a yellow lamp on a grey sofa set would stand out being surrounded by chocolate brown hardwood floor. Moreover, you can have each of your room a distinguished color based on your interests, or feature the stained colors together to create exotic patterns only for your house.

“Time and cost?” – No worries, we’re all set to assist!

Staining is also a wise move to make when your hardwood floor is under extreme damage.

Now this maybe the most interesting part to all the hardwood floorowners: how much will all those processes cost you? On an average scale, it will costs anywhere from $2.00 to $5.00 per square foot, way much better than replacing all your floors which cost many times greater, yet to add the installation fees.

Installed once, used for a life! Let’s get your floor refinished by experts IN NO TIME!

US HARDWOOD FLOOR is a leading team in the field of providing hardwood floor services. Through intensive  understanding and experience, we are here to make sure your hardwood floor refinished in a perfect manner.

Why do you hesitate? 

With a snap of fingers, you are giving a whole new life to your hardwood floor and even your house, with a long-term guarantee that only after a decade need you to refinish it. Besides, it is also good to know your hardwood floor with a standard thickness can be refinished from 4 up to 10 times.

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