Bathroom Remodel


Improve Your Bathroom Look

How to start

Bathroom remodeling projects require high professional skill contractors with full knowledge of tiling, plumbing, and electricity. That’s where Tony Floor jump in. We can make all from a regular bathroom to a high-tech modern bathroom. All you have to do is contact us and request a free estimate quote!

With 5 years of experience, Tony Floor can promise to give you the best service in the area.

Project Date14 August 2020

Re-tile your bathroom

If you don’t want to redo the whole bathroom but looking to give it a newer look with new tiles, vanity, etc. We can do that for you. Our professionals have been demo floor and wall for many houses then re-tile them. 

Why wait when all you have to do is pick up the phone and call us at (857) 544-4443! 

We are a team of experts

We all start with remove old tiles, demo the subfloor to make sure it is level. Then we clean up the area and start our job. We also make sure that our job will not damage other areas in you home by having plastic cover to divide out the space. 

We always keep up-to-date with the standard code to make sure our electric and plumbing meet the requirements. Most importantly, we guarantee the best final looking for your bathroom with no mistake.

Impressive Results

This is one of our many projects. Mr. S hired us to remodel his bathroom with new tub, toilet, vanity. We installed radiant heat underneath the floor, adjusted new outlet, changed new sauna tub, new UV light high-tech toilet, faucet, mirror and light. We also installed tile around the window trims. 

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